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I made a facebook profile for anyone that wants to friend me on there and contact me through messages. It isn't my 100% private thing, so i i wont be putting deeply personal/private family things on there. Just giving you guys somewhere to contact me on 

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As the title says, I'm really really uncomfortable of it and I really dislike it in general. Gore I can handle, WITHIN REASON. Gears of war and stuff, its violence based. There is violence, an explosion or an action scene, and the aftermath. 

But body horror, things that are done as an aesthetic art style and other things? 

It makes me sick. Literally.

A former friend asked me if I'd heard of Tryophobia. I'd never heard of it and upon asking what it was, she said "Its a silly fear of polka-dots. One of the stupid phobias, like fear of trees and clowns."

I trusted her, so when she sent a link, i readily clicked it.

And the image was disgusting. It was photoshopped, something done to gross someone out, but literally seconds after seeing the image, I had to run to the bathroom and I threw up. 
Everything that was in my stomach.
I have never been so repulsed by an image like that, I even scared myself thinking that my body and mind reacted in such a way to a picture with holes on something. A person's palm, to be precise.

Trypophobia is actually a fear of holes. Moreso, deep holes irregularly covering something, such as honeycomb, etc.
But the problem is people photoshop things with holes (honeycomb, lotus seed heads, coral, etc) onto a person and make disgusting images that are a trend in body horror apparently. and its a trend slowly taking over tumblr, from what i've heard.

And i wasn't just sick, I was crying. I was in tears, shaking, trembling and genuinely upset that i had seen such an image. It was fake, photomanipulation done to get people uncomfortable, but I was so triggered by a single image that I literally had to sit by the toilet in case i got sick again for another 40 minutes.

I told her afterwards what had happened because of that image, her only response?

"Geez calm down it isn't that bad. It was just a joke."

Ever since then, I have been extremely squeamish and feel my stomach lurch everytime i see artworks that depict gore, those headless animals, or just an animal's head as their character design or whatever.

This will effect my visits and activity on deviantart A LOT. I may unfollow/unwatch a lot of people that do this art, and i'm sorry if you take that personally. I can't handle such things anymore and I will only follow people that are 100% horror free with their art.




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