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I feel conflicted, help me feel better by linking me to your fursonas! (And by fursonas I mean the character you literally would draw and represent yourself as) 

10 deviants said I have one!
4 deviants said I hate furries
3 deviants said I don't have a sona


Mar 4, 2015
6:39 pm
Mar 3, 2015
8:57 am
Mar 2, 2015
9:27 pm
Mar 1, 2015
3:07 am
Feb 28, 2015
11:01 pm


Thu Mar 5, 2015, 6:06 PM

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Sorry for not being around, been trying to scramble around like crazy in getting my tumblr up and running, as well as my twitter and facebook and thinking of getting an instagram too? Just want more places to post my stuff. 

I have also been really REALLY sick for the past week. Really sick as in "I throw up everything I eat, including water, and I get so spacey and dizzy I have trouble walking down the stairs on my own" kind of sick. 

But the tumblr blog is the most finicky because not only do i have sideblogs for resources, FlightRising clan and NSFW stuff, I also got back into trying to design my fursona and just trying to get everything sorted first. I'm REALLY close to finishing. 

Not to mention the fact that i'm being reasonably well self disciplined and focus on class when i need to, and will forget/ignore my online profiles if necessary. I'm keeping up really well with class at the moment and I want to keep it that way for the rest of the year.

Proper update soon, as well as more art to be posted.

I've been feeling generous lately so i'm stalking people's profiles to see what characters/fursonas they have. If i see your icon/name more often, chances are that i'll draw a headshot at some point and just gift it to you. But with results of the last poll, I think I'll keep gifts to a minimum because so many of you are "oh so against art theft and will refuse any gift art or fanart of your characters. Art thief! ART THIEF!!!"



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